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 Plantar Fasciitis Treatment   


·  Ice the bottom of both feet once daily using a frozen water bottle or ice pack. If the ice doesn't help try heat. Continue for 6 weeks.

·  Perform lunge stretches, step stretches and morning toe pulls twice a day referrring to the excercise handout or repetitions given by the podiatrist. Continue for 6 weeks.

·  Try any of the anti-inflammatory creams such as voltaren or oral ibuprofen etc.

·  Reapply low dye strapping to both feet once a day as shown by the podiatrist or by using a youtube video. The tape is easily available at any pharamcy and is called zinc oxide tape or sports tape. Leave each round of tape on for 3 days and try to keep it as dry as possible. Remove if any adverse affects occur.

·  Wear a supportive thong around the house, Revere or Wave Thong, as often as possible, try and avoid going barefoot and step straight into these before getting out of bed.

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